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Want to feel more confident about your smile? Dr. Dustin Cohen at The Practice | Beverly Hills can help you fix anything you don’t like about your teeth through our cosmetic dental services in Beverly Hills, CA.

Cosmetic dentistry is about more than vanity. When you don’t like your smile, you can feel anxious and less than confident in social situations. This has an impact on your relationships and your career. Whether you’re looking for the best cosmetic dental services Beverly Hills, CA, has to offer or simply looking to brighten up your teeth, we can help with whatever may be preventing you from confidently flashing your smile.

We are also the creators of The Practice | Image Design Concept. Our exceptional smile design dentistry services draw inspiration from your personal image goals as we blend them with traditional facial aesthetic principles. This creates a beyond-bespoke collection of porcelain veneers. Image Design goes beyond beauty and beyond facial aesthetics; image is everything. Matching your new smile to your face is fine; matching your smile to your style is why you come to us. Image Design (I.D.) is what makes us different from all other dental practices and the world is taking notice. I.D. is (y)our identity.

Here are some common questions we get regarding our cosmetic dental services in Beverly Hills, CA:

Can you straighten my teeth?2018-08-11T20:29:14-07:00

Yes! We work with highly trained, experienced orthodontists to help you correct crooked, uneven, or buck teeth. You’ve got a lot of options, from lingual braces which go on the back of your teeth to the Invisalign system. Either option will let you maintain your social life while you work on correcting your smile.

What is crown lengthening?2018-08-11T20:29:10-07:00

Do you feel like your teeth are too short, or that you show too much gum when you smile? This is an easy problem to correct. Our specialists will help you lengthen your teeth so that you can enjoy a younger looking, more attractive smile.

Can you bleach my teeth?2018-08-11T20:29:03-07:00

We can definitely whiten your smile. We have a safe, simple procedure which uses some of the highest quality professional bleaching systems in the world. We use the Kor, Zoom, & Opalescence bleaching systems, which turn your darkened smile into a shining work of art.

What is cosmetic bonding?2018-08-11T20:28:56-07:00

Cosmetic bonding is a conservative procedure which helps us change the look of your teeth. We are able to replace your beautiful, natural smile with minimal drilling and with no pain whatsoever by applying white filling material to the front of your teeth. We then polish it to a brilliant shine.

Do you offer metal-free crowns?2018-08-11T20:28:46-07:00

Yes! We provide the highest-quality, strongest, all-ceramic crowns on the market. We use the most advanced materials to give you crowns that look 100% natural. Who wants a grey line at the gum line? That’s what happens when your crown has metal underneath.

What are veneers?2018-08-11T20:26:48-07:00

Veneers are a thin, strong piece of porcelain. We place them on the front of your teeth to mask spaces or gaps between your teeth. Veneers can also help you change crooked teeth into straight teeth. If your teeth are dark, they’re a great way to get the healthy white color you’ve always wanted, too!



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