We’re an entirely digital and “green” dental office. Our computerized charting system helps us dramatically reduce the amount of paper that we use in our office while allowing us to keep incredibly accurate and secure dental records. These digital charts help us communicate quickly with other doctors, which means you get comprehensive, personalized care that was unheard of only 10 years ago.

We are thrilled to announce that we are the first cosmetic dental practice in Beverly Hills to incorporate the groundbreaking Dexis CariVu system—a completely RADIATION-FREE way to see inside your teeth! This state-of-the-art technology combines a high-resolution digital camera with near-infrared light to keep you healthier with less radiation. Dexis CariVu is a compact device that uses patented transillumination technology to support the identification of cavities and cracks. These digital dentistry services we now offer in Beverly Hills, CA, place us at the apex of providers in the industry.

Even our x-rays are improved! The x-rays that we take with our Dexis Digital X-Ray Sensor are a world of difference from the imperfect film x-rays of the past. We’re now able to drastically minimize the amount of radiation that you’re exposed to. These days, you get more radiation by walking outside every single day than you do getting an x-ray at our office. Since there isn’t any more film to develop we don’t have to use those awful development chemicals either, which helps our office remain even more environmentally-friendly.

Another digital dentistry service at our Beverly Hills, CA, practice is our digital camera documentation method. The intra-oral camera a small camera that we use to take pictures of different things inside your mouth. So now when we tell you that you have a cavity or a crack in your tooth, you’ll be able to see it too! The camera helps many patients to feel at ease and trust our doctors’ recommendations because you will see exactly what they see. You will no longer have to worry about having work done that is unnecessary. Our Canon Rebel DSLR camera will help document your treatment from start to finish for the full “WOW” effect!

When you need implants, bridges, or dentures our Beverly Hills cosmetic dental digital practice helps us create accurate, natural prosthetics that fit just right. That means that you’ll be more comfortable and more successful with your crowns, bridges, dentures, or implants.

We’re not going to stop there, either. We’re committed to equipping our office with cutting edge technology. We’ll continue to evolve as the dental profession continues to evolve, so that we can give you the absolute best care—now and in the future.

The future is here! Call us today to take advantage of our digital dentistry services at our Beverly Hills, CA, practice. 



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