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Don’t run all over town, seeing different dentists for different family members. As one of the top family dentists in Beverly Hills, The Practice | Beverly Hills Boutique Dental welcomes patients of all ages. We love to see the entire family have white healthy teeth—including your pets. While we don’t encourage you to bring your puppies and kitties into your appointment we do provide Greenie’s Pet Treats to help your pet’s teeth sparkle and shine, too.

There are plenty of things to think about when you have a family. Here are a few questions and answers which will help you protect your children’s oral health.

My school-aged children are playing sports. How can I protect their teeth?2017-03-02T12:05:48-08:00

Every child who plays sports should be fitted with a good mouth guard, and a custom-made mouth guard is the best possible option. It’s all too easy for a baseball to smack a child in the mouth, causing severe trauma which can result in the loss of a tooth. Ask us about our recommendations when you come in for your next visit.

If your child does lose a permanent tooth, try to find it. Put it in a glass of milk and bring the tooth and the child to us immediately. We may be able to save the tooth.

Is thumb-sucking a big problem? What about pacifiers?2017-03-02T12:05:26-08:00

Eventually these habits may become a problem, and these behaviors need to stop once the child’s permanent teeth begin to emerge. The sucking action can actually cause your child’s teeth to misalign at that point. We can fit your child with a mouth appliance to help eliminate these behaviors.

How important are baby teeth, really?2017-03-02T12:04:55-08:00

Don’t assume that baby teeth are not important just because they’re temporary. Your child still needs those teeth to speak clearly and to chew food. In addition, problems with a child’s baby teeth can create issues for adult teeth later on in life, as baby teeth actually create a path that permanent teeth can follow when they’re ready to erupt.

When should I bring my child in for his or her first dental visit?2017-03-02T12:04:31-08:00

Believe it or not, you should bring your child in as soon as he or she receives that very first tooth. This might seem early to you, but this exam will actually help educate you, as a parent, on what to expect and how to take care of your baby’s teeth properly.

We’ll also talk about common conditions like “baby bottle caries,” a condition which causes a child to get a lot of cavities because they’re receiving a bottle filled with milk or juice just before going to bed. We’ll talk about how to prevent the condition so that your child’s baby teeth and gums stay healthy and strong, awaiting the day that those permanent teeth ultimately do come in.


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