GlassGlossis a patent-pending tooth protective coating dentistry method that uses a specially formulated coating to preserve your teeth at their peak.  Your smile will look its whitest for up to 10+ years and will even maintain the same natural characteristics that make your smile, your smile.

Dr. Dustin Cohen, the innovator of GlassGloss™, has developed the only non-invasive method to enhance dental aesthetics while protecting your teeth from the harmful environmental factors that affect them every day. GlassGloss™ is a functional dental improvement that allows you to enjoy foods and drinks like wine, tea, and coffee more readily. Stop whitening your teeth all the time and be confident in your smile!

GlassGloss is good for patients who are:

  • Happy with the natural shapes, sizes, and positioning of their teeth – and would like to keep them that way for as long as possible 
  • Interested in bumping up the brightness while keeping their natural look
  • Too sensitive to whiten their teeth regularly
  • Tired of maintaining the bleaching routine
  • Tired of constantly having coffee, tea, or red wine stains on their teeth
  • Interested in minimizing the erosion caused by acids in food 
  • Interested in minimizing abrasions on teeth from abrasive particles in food and toothpaste 

What can GlassGloss do for you?

  • No more at-home bleaching with messy gels and strips that burn your gums and make your teeth hurt
  • Protect the sensitive areas near your gum line from cold food and drinks
  • Feeling confident about your smile
  • Less time worrying about your yellow teeth and the next time you need to whiten them again
  • Drinking coffee, tea, and red wine, without the hassle of staining

With our fresh approach to tooth protective coating dentistry, our Beverly Hills, CA, office is poised to assist you. Call us today to schedule your GlassGloss consultation!


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