When it comes to resolving bruxism—the often-unconscious grinding of your teeth—many remedies have been attempted, but few have proven successful or client-friendly. Knowing that there must be a better way, our founding practitioner Dr. Dustin Cohen set out to perfect the solution known as liquid dental nightguards in Beverly Hills, CA. The result was an optimal fix that is both comfortable and more effective than other products. Read below for additional details on this forward-thinking application we offer and how it can help you.

An Alternative to Traditional Nightguards

Nightguards have long been used to mitigate the reduction in tooth mass and effectiveness, often caused by subconscious or involuntary jaw clenching. Conventional dental nightguards are firm pieces of plastic worn on your upper teeth to protect your lower teeth from rubbing or grinding against them while asleep. Traditionally-built nightguards typically cause discomfort, and many clients find them unattractive. Millions of Americans deal with the involuntary difficulty of bruxism, so it can be challenging to find solutions that suit your personal needs.

Many patients who receive nightguard prescriptions don’t use them as recommended, which leads to wasted time, money, and effort. Sadly, this can cause a patient’s bruxism to worsen or cause additional damage over time. Taking a more integrated, patient-centered approach allows us to resolve the issue with less burden on the patient.

How Does a Liquid Nightguard Work?

Through our study, we’ve noticed that bruxism frequently results from overactive jaw muscle behavior, specifically the masseter muscle. This muscle is an integral part of jaw movements and is the key muscle that pulls your jaw upward. The excessive upward movement of the jaw when you aren’t chewing food, for example, may cause tooth damage.

After thorough research and testing, our dental team has found that botox injections to the masseter muscle allow it to relax. Botox, a protein produced by botulinum toxin, inhibits nerve processes that contribute to muscle contraction. Used in appropriate doses, botox relaxes muscles in order to return them to a normal level of strength.

By lessening the muscle functions and strength responsible for jaw grinding and clenching behavior, tooth clenching and grinding is significantly mitigated. This allows our clients to experience much-needed relief without the uncomfortable and unflattering hardware that comes with old-fashioned tooth grinding solutions.

Short- and Long-Term Benefits

By taking advantage of liquid dental nightguards at our practice in Beverly Hills, CA, you bypass the annoyances of traditional means while enjoying various benefits. Here are some outcomes you can expect with our services:

  • 24/7 protection from tooth grinding and clenching, as opposed to only nighttime protection with conventional nightguards
  • No loss of daily muscle function (i.e. eating and speaking can take place as usual)
  • A slimmer jawline
  • Prevention of continued tooth and tooth surface loss

Curious about how our liquid dental nightguards can improve your daily life? Contact us today for more info!


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